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housing-wire How Fannie Mae is Creating New Opportunities for Homeownership
us-news Cost of Living: How to Calculate How Much You Need.
housing-wire Forbearance Rate Declined to Just 1.18% in February
cnbc Mortgage Rates Plunge Just as Home Prices Set Another Record
mortgage-news-daily Freddie Mac's January Business Remained Refinance Heavy
realtor-com Mortgage Rates Have Held Steady in the Face of the Omicron Variant—Here’s What’s Going On
us-news The Differences Between Co-Borrowers and Co-Signers
cnbc More Than 14 Million Homeowners Refinanced During the Pandemic
realtor-com Buying a Home in Your 20s? Here's Everything You Need To Know
housing-wire Home Price Growth Remained at Record Pace in August
housing-wire Mortgage Delinquencies Shrink in Q2
reuters U.S. Mortgage Applications Rise as Rates Remain Below 3%
mortgage-news-daily Only 28% Think It's a Good Time to Buy
housing-wire Refinances Make a Comeback in July
housing-wire Mortgage Credit Drops to Lowest Level Since September
business-times First Annual Decrease in US Overall Delinquency Rate Since March 2020
reuters U.S. Consumer Watchdog Approves New Foreclosure Protections
mortgage-news-daily Freddie Mac's Volume Dropped Sharply in May
housing-wire Mortgage Forbearance Drops as Expiration Date Nears
forbes What Happens When You Pay Off Your Mortgage?
mortgage-news-daily Lack of Homes for Sale Could Eventually Curb Affordability Constraints
bloomberg U.S. Mortgage Rates Dip Back Below 3% as Borrowing Costs Seesaw
forbes What Is A Subprime Mortgage?
housing-wire Mortgage Forbearance Numbers Officially Half of 2020's Peak
mortgage-news-daily Slow Start For Mortgage Rates This Week
housing-wire Mortgage Rates Manage Another Dip to 2.94%
mortgage-news-daily Mortgage Application Volume Struggles to Keep up With Hot Housing Market
housing-wire Fannie and Freddie Set Dates for Their New Refi Option
federal-reserve Decisions Regarding Monetary Policy Implementation issued April 28, 2021
mortgage-news-daily S&P Analysts: Accelerating Home Prices Reflect Economic Recovery
housing-wire Biden's $15K First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Now a Bill
housing-wire Here it is: A Bill to Help First-Time Homebuyers
mortgage-news-daily U.S. Sees Biggest Hike in Property Taxes in Four Years
cnbc Mortgage refinance demand hits lowest level in over a year, and homebuyers retreat, too
bloomberg U.S. mortgage rates dip for first time since January
mortgage-news-daily Another Tentatively Decent Day For Rates
bloomberg Mortgage Rates in the U.S. Increase for a Seventh Straight Week
mortgage-news-daily Rates Catch a Break. Will it Last? What's The Impact on Housing?
mortgage-news-daily Mortgage Rates Lowest in Nearly a Week
credit-com Living Alongside Your Debt: 7 Tips on Managing Debt

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